Responsibly Recycle Your City’s Equipment with PCs for People

Does your city have old computer equipment, keyboards, or cables sitting around that you'd like to responsibly recycle, but you're concerned about what happens to the data?

Getting rid of old equipment can be costly and confusing, but PCs for People makes it easy for cities to know they're doing the right thing. They use League-endorsed NAID certification to wipe data from your city-owned equipment and then recycle or refurbish your equipment for reuse, possibly right in your community.

This spring, the League is making it even easier by bringing PCs for People to you for free. We'll be hosting events in conjunction with several of our Spring Loss Control workshops in locations throughout the state. Whether or not you are attending a workshop, someone from your city can drop off your zero-value, city-owned equipment for free.

For more information about our collaboration with PCs for People, check out this FAQ.


1. To drop off your equipment, you must fill out this survey in advance. Space may be limited, so you are strongly encouraged to respond to the survey early.
2. Expect a confirmation email shortly before your event with details on exact location, parking, etc.
3. Use this form to record model and serial numbers of all computers and printers you plan to drop off. Please print it and bring it with you for faster processing at the site.
4. At the drop-off location, you will complete a form that transfers ownership of your equipment to PCs for People and you'll receive a copy for your files. See a sample form.

Electronic recycling events have ended. Thank you to everyone who participated!