Dayton Vetoes Budget Bills

'Phase II' of budget bills could include provisions important to cities.
(Published May 16, 2017)

The Legislature passed five budget bills on May 15. As expected, those five budget bills, as well as a policy bill modifying the interim ordinance process, were vetoed by Gov. Dayton within an hour of receiving them. Five other omnibus finance bills were vetoed on May 12.

Legislative leaders are continuing negotiations May 16 on “Phase II” of budget, tax, and bonding bills.

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Governor’s veto letters from May 15 include:

Chapter 62 (transportation finance)

Chapter 63 (judiciary & public safety)

Chapter 64 (jobs, commerce, energy, labor and industry, and employment and economic development)

Chapter 65 (higher education)

Chapter 66 (taxes)

Chapter 49 (interim ordinance policy bill)

Record of the bills vetoed by the governor, including the five other budget bills that were vetoed last Friday, are available on the Legislature's website.

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Next steps
Now the Legislature will likely move so-called “vehicle bills” through the process so that conference committees can be appointed and ready to act when negotiations between the governor and legislative leaders warrant action. Negotiated bill language is expected to be added into the vehicle bills.

League staff are continuing to monitor city issues in the legislation as the final week of the Legislature progresses. The Legislature is constitutionally required to adjourn at midnight on Monday, May 22.

We need your help
Encourage legislators and the governor to pass the following revised bills with these measures:

  • Tax bill that includes the construction sales tax exemption, a permanent local government aid funding increase of at least the governor's proposed $20 million, and workforce housing tools.
  • Transportation bill that includes comprehensive, multimodal, and sustainable funding, including dedicated funding for the existing Small Cities Assistance Account and a new large cities assistance account.
  • Jobs bill that includes grant funding for statewide broadband and workforce housing, in addition to other economic development tools.
  • Judiciary and public safety bill that includes training for peace officers in crisis response, conflict management, and cultural diversity.

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