Omnibus Tax Bill Goes to House Floor

The bill includes numerous provisions that would impact cities.
(Published Apr 15, 2019)

The House Taxes Committee and Ways and Means Committee completed work last week on HF 2125, the 2019 House omnibus tax bill, and sent it to the House floor for final action.

The bill includes 22 articles covering property taxes, state aids and credits, local option sales taxes, tax increment financing, and public finance as well as provisions related to federal income tax conformity, income and corporate income and estate taxes, special taxes, and several articles of tax recommendations from the Minnesota Department of Revenue.

The Senate is not expected to release its version of the omnibus tax bill until they return from this week’s recess on April 23.

The House bill that the committees approved retains all the city-related provisions that were included in the Taxes Committee’s delete-all amendment. These include provisions related to local government aid, aid to non-school Public Employees Retirement Association employers, local option sales taxes, study of state-assessed property, sales tax exemptions requested by individual cities, and more.

For details about the city-related provisions in this bill, read a previous Cities Bulletin article.

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