Sign Up for New Task Force Focusing on Data Practices

City staff and elected officials are encouraged to participate in this new task force and the League’s legislative policy development process.
(Published Jul 3, 2017)

Data practices and records management are central to city operations, and they are becoming increasingly complex. The League’s new Data Practices Task Force will provide guidance and recommendations regarding legislative policies on this topic to the LMC Human Resources & Data Practices Policy Committee.

The League is seeking elected officials and city staff to join the new task force and share their expertise and experiences in this topic area. The League’s current data practices legislative policies can be found in the 2017 City Policies (see DP-1 through DP-8).

Who can be on this task force?
Current elected officials and city staff are eligible, including city councilmembers, mayors, city managers, city administrators, assistant city administrators, city clerks, records managers, human resource staff, public safety staff, city attorneys, and others. It is preferable, but not required, for task force members to have experience with data practices and records management. You do not have to be a member of an LMC policy committee to serve on this task force.

What benefits are there to serving on this task force?
It is a great way to become involved with the League, network, and learn about different ways of doing things. Members are sometimes consulted or called upon during the legislative session for their particular expertise on an issue and service to the task force.

When and where are the meetings?
The Data Practices Task Force will meet twice during the summer, in August and September. The task force may also meet other times of the year when an issue may warrant more guidance and technical expertise. The meetings are located at the League of Minnesota Cities in St. Paul, but an online meeting option is available for committee members who are unable to attend in person.

How do I join this task force?
To express interest in the task force, contact Irene Kao at or (651) 281-1260 by July 21 and provide information about your role with the city and your experience with data practices and/or records management.

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