Advocacy 101: Navigating the Capitol

City officials coming to the Capitol can use this new video to prepare for their visit.
(Published Apr 17, 2017)

A new video is available that demonstrates what city officials can expect when advocating in St. Paul on behalf of Minnesota cities or simply visiting the Capitol complex. It reflects changes in office and hearing room locations made following the Capitol renovation and construction of the new Minnesota Senate Building in 2016.

video test

The video breaks down where four popular destinations in the Capitol complex are located, what activity happens in each, and tools and tips for a successful visit. It also demonstrates procedures and etiquette that is typical of the Minnesota Legislature.

The video was produced by League interns Ted Bengtson, Casey Casella, and Katie Davidson.

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Have questions about navigating the Capitol or planning your advocacy trip to St. Paul? The League of Minnesota Cities offers tools and services for city officials coming to advocate for their cities.

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