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LMC’s Mayor for a Day Essay Contest Winners

Graphic that says Helping people get from place to place is one of the most important services offered by cities. Often, providing that service can require creativity. In the League of Minnesota Cities’ (LMC) 2016 Mayor for a Day Essay Contest, more than 450 Minnesota fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-grade students accepted the creative challenge by writing and submitting their best ideas.

Students crafted their essays by thinking about the following statements and question:

"Minnesota Cities build and take care of streets, roads, and sidewalks to help people get from place to place. Some cities also have buses and bike trails. If you were mayor for a day, what would you do to make it easier for residents to get from place to place in your city? Please explain your ideas, why you support them, and how they would work."

Honorable mentionsFrom the entries submitted, three winners—from the cities of Bloomington, Lanesboro, and St. Francis—and three honorable mentions were chosen. Along with creativity, winning entries were chosen based on originality and legibility. Winning essay writers will receive a commemorative plaque and a check for $100. Their entries are reprinted here. Honorable mentions will receive a certificate.

Thank you to all students who participated in this year’s competition, and to the families, friends and teachers who encouraged our future mayors.

Winning Entries

Winning essay

Winning essay

Winning essay

More Creative Ideas

“I would make a helicopter fleet that will fly around and drop people off at their stop to where they want to go.”
Lily, 4th grade, Golden Valley

“I would use solar-powered mopeds to get people from place to place … it saves everyone’s money from not spending it on gas.”
Felicity, 6th grade, Montgomery

“My first idea is horse and carriage rides because horses are cool and they can pull you. My second idea is that we make zip lines that you can ride all around from place to place in your town.”
Grace, 5th grade, Mapleton

“I would make trails that are very safe so that people won’t speed and hurt anyone. These trails would be for horses, ponies, and elephants because people can ride elephants.”
Mariana, 4th grade, Red Wing

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