60 Cities Pass Resolutions Supporting Local Decision-Making Authority

The resolution, provided by the League, demonstrates cities’ objections to a growing trend in the Legislature of introducing and advancing bills that remove or restrict the authority of local elected officials.
(Published May 1, 2017)

(Updated May 11, 2017)
Sixty Minnesota cities have in recent weeks approved resolutions calling on the Legislature to stop advancing bills that place limits on local decision-making authority.

The resolution was provided by the League beginning March 20, and is in response to the proliferation of 2017 legislative initiatives aimed at restricting local control.

The resolutions have generated media attention and have prompted some legislators to privately suggest they are feeling pressure from local leaders in their districts to oppose bills aimed at interfering with local control.

More resolutions expected
The League expects more cities to pass the resolution as city officials become increasingly concerned about legislative initiatives that would hamper the ability of elected officials to respond to the health, safety, and welfare needs of their constituents, including local businesses.

If your city has passed a resolution, please be sure to share it with the League, as well as with your legislators.

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