2020 LGA Amounts Recertified

An error in the data for three cities will result in small increases for other cities.
(Published Feb 10, 2020)

Local government aid (LGA) amounts, initially certified in July 2019 for distribution this July and December, have been updated to correct an issue with the underlying data for three cities — Minneapolis, St. Paul, and South St. Paul.

Although the error resulted in slightly lower LGA distributions to 673 cities across the state, those cities will actually receive an increase in aid.

Under state law (Minnesota Statutes, section 477A.014), the correction of the error cannot reduce a city below its original certified amount and, as a result, the distributions for these 673 cities will be increased, while the distributions for Minneapolis, St. Paul and South St. Paul will remain unchanged.

The correction will result in a one-time overall increase in the LGA program distribution of $955,125.

—See a spreadsheet with the updated certified amounts from the Department of Revenue

In summary, the LGA amounts for all cities receiving LGA will increase slightly or remain unchanged and no city will experience a reduction in LGA under the correction.

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