LEAD Academy: Public Sector Supervisor Certificate

Investing in supervisors strengthens your organization.

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As a supervisor, you play a critical role in developing and retaining the talent needed to perform the vital work of local government. The new LEAD Academy has been developed to help you develop a targeted supervisor skill set that extends beyond knowledge and experience of the department work performed to directing the work that needs to get done.

The first LEAD Academy series was held in the spring of 2019. LEAD Academy workshops are presented by Metropolitan State University’s Institute for Professional Development, in partnership with the League of Minnesota Cities, the Association of Minnesota Counties, and Sourcewell.

The courses in this certificate program are tailored for government leaders. Supervisors, and those looking to move into a supervisory role, will build a great foundation to begin a supervising career through:

  • Interactive courses filled with situations and scenarios for supervisors to practice root cause analysis and risk assessment on possible solutions
  • Opportunities to interact with other local government organizations to build collaborative relationships
  • Instructors with a variety of experiences including: leading in local government, supervising staff, and managing change, projects, and continuous improvement efforts
  • Practical information that can you can start using right away

To earn the Public Sector Supervisor Certificate, participants must complete the following four mini-certificate series over a two year period. The series may be taken in any order, creating a flexible structure to meet your needs and schedule.

Time to Lead Mini-Certificate

Time to Lead courses provide the opportunity to refine your leadership style and use your style to strategically and intentionally harness change and conflict for better department outcomes. Do not just let things happen; make things happen. Lead.

Courses in this mini-certificate include:

  • Strengths-Based Leadership
  • Channeling Change
  • Leading through Conflict

Please note: series registration in St. Paul and Staples is now full. Registration for individual workshops is still available.

Supervisor Survival Mini-Certificate

Supervisor Survival courses focus on the transition from being in a department to leading a department. While you bring valuable knowledge and experience to your role as a supervisor, supervising is about directing work rather than doing the work. These courses will help define the work responsibilities that come with the role of supervisor.

Courses in this mini-certificate include:

  • Managing your Work
  • Positive Communication
  • Running a Meeting

Please note: series registration in St. Paul is now full. Registration for individual workshops is still available.

HR Essentials Mini-Certificate

HR Essentials courses focus on your role in executing human resource duties. Supervisors play a crucial role in finding, developing, and retaining the talent in their departments. Research shows work environment is more important than financial compensation for people to stay in their roles. Make sure your department is where people want to work.

Courses in this mini-certificate include:

  • Encouraging and Developing Others
  • Labor Relations Skills: Understanding Contract Framework
  • Employee Life Cycle Part 1: Recruit, Hire, Onboard

Managing Up and Out Mini-Certificate

Managing Up and Out courses define the role supervisors play at an organizational level. In addition to managing the work of your departments, you’ll also need to connect to your organization. Understand how you can have a positive influence on the organization and get the resources needed for department work.

Courses in this mini-certificate include:

  • Use your Ethics to Navigate Local Government Systems
  • Influencing Culture
  • Leading Stakeholders through Change

Interested in more information? See individual course descriptions for additional details and competencies developed in each course.

Scheduled Workshops:

The first series, Time to Lead, was offered in May/June 2019. See a full schedule of upcoming workshops.

Who Should Participate:

Public sector supervisors and staff getting ready to move into supervisory roles.


2019 - $95 per workshop if registering for the full series; $115 per standalone workshop
2020 - $300 for the full series (three workshops)

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