State Requests City Input on Knotweed Management

The Department of Agriculture wants to know how it can help local governments identify and manage this group of noxious weeds.
(Published Sep 10, 2018)

Japanese and giant knotweed are non-native plants that are listed as “specially regulated plants” in Minnesota. That means cities have an obligation to include them in their noxious weed programs following state management plans for those plants.

As part of that process, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture is requesting that the League of Minnesota Cities, as well as the County Agricultural Inspectors, Soil Water Conservation Districts, Cooperative Weed Management Areas, Minnesota Association of Townships, and vegetation managers with the state departments of Natural Resources and Transportation circulate a link to a brief online survey. Survey responses are requested by Sept. 25, 2018.

Please consider having appropriate staff in your city respond so that city questions, concerns, and needs are well represented in the state plan for managing knotweeds.

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