LMC Bill to Provide Assistance for Local Cost-Share of Trunk Highway Projects

The bill would provide grants to local governments to help cover the local share of some trunk highway projects.
(Published Feb 11, 2019)

League-sponsored legislation would allow the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) to assist local governments with the local cost-share of trunk highway projects.

The measure would allow a portion of the Local Road Improvement Program (LRIP) to be used for this purpose. According to MnDOT, local governments spend $43 million on contributions to trunk highway projects.

About LRIP

LRIP was established in 2002 and is administered by MnDOT’s State Aid Division. It provides funds to local units of government for constructing and reconstructing local roads.

Funds have been distributed from two accounts:

  • The Routes of Regional Significance Account, which provides grants to cities, towns and counties for the costs of constructing or reconstructing city streets, county highways, or town roads with statewide or regional significance that have not been fully funded through other state, federal, or local funding sources.
  • The Rural Route Safety Account, which provides grants to counties for constructing or reconstructing improvement projects that are intended primarily to reduce traffic crashes, fatalities, injuries, and property damage crashes on rural County State Aid Highways.

There is a third never-used account in the Local Road Improvement Program called the Trunk Highway Corridor Account. The League is advocating that this account be renamed the “Local Cost-Share Assistance Account.”

Grant program

Introduced as HF 846 (Rep. Steve Elkins, DFL-Bloomington), this repurposed account would provide grants to cities, townships, and counties to assist in paying the local share of trunk highway projects that have local costs related to the trunk highway improvement and are not funded or are only partially funded with other state and federal funds. The League is working to advance this legislation as part of the bonding bill.

A Senate companion bill is expected to be introduced later this week.

Get involved

If your city has experience with this issue, please relay that to your legislators and urge them to sign on as coauthors to this legislation. If you would be willing to submit written or in-person committee testimony on this issue, please contact Anne Finn, LMC, at (651) 281-1263 or afinn@lmc.org.

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