House Bonding Bill With City Water Improvement Funding Advances

State general obligation bonds are proposed to replace appropriation bonds authorized in 2018 for several city water improvements and other capital projects.
(Published Feb 11, 2019)

HF 80, a bill that would provide a new funding source for several infrastructure improvement projects, was passed by the House Environment and Natural Resources Finance Division on Feb. 7. It was previously amended and approved by the House Capital Investment Division.

The bill, authored by Rep. Mary Murphy (DFL-Hermantown), is needed to switch the funding source for several city water improvement projects and state infrastructure funding programs that were approved as part of the 2018 bonding bill. It also provides additional funds needed to move forward with an Anoka County landfill cleanup that is among the delayed projects.

HF 80 would use general obligation bonds instead of appropriation bonds. Legal challenges have prevented the state from issuing those appropriation bonds. The Senate has not acted on any similar legislation that resolves this issue.

Several affected cities, the League, and the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities have all testified in support of the bill.

The final committee stop for HF 80 will be in front of the Ways and Means Committee, where it is scheduled to be heard at 9:45 a.m. on Monday, Feb. 11. If it is approved there, it will go to the floor of the House.

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