League Begins Recruitment for New Assistant Finance Director — Outreach Position

Recruitment opened on Jan. 3 for a newly created Assistant Finance Director — Outreach position at the League of Minnesota Cities.

The position is being created to help provide guidance and assistance to member cities in the area of finance, similar to the League’s member services in the areas of human resources and information technology. The position will also be responsible for special projects and assigned programs within the finance area.

League Executive Director David Unmacht is very excited about the potential for this position to supplement the other services offered to our members in nearly every other area of city government and administration.

“Now we will have a position dedicated to helping members with finance and budgeting concerns and questions,” Unmacht said. “This position will be a valuable resource to city officials and provide models, templates, and important training in an area where we previously did not provide focused and specific member services. Our work will not compete with private-sector finance firms; we intend to fill in the gaps where services are needed. In fact, we sought input and advice from the firms that offer financial advisory services in the creation of the position.”

The new Assistant Finance Director — Outreach position will report to LMC Finance Director Marky Engler and will work collaboratively with other League departments to provide an integrated approach to member service.

For more information, contact Laura Kushner at lkushner@lmc.org or Marky Engler at mengler@lmc.org.

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