Session Deadline: Will Legislators Complete Their Work?

With some major budget bills remaining to be acted upon by the Legislature and governor, the final state of many city issues remains to be seen.
(Published May 22, 2017)

Minnesota legislators must adjourn by midnight tonight, but they still have much work left to do to pass a state budget that Gov. Dayton will sign. Many city issues are wrapped up in larger omnibus bills that have yet to be acted upon.

If work is not completed by midnight, Gov. Dayton would need to call a special session to pass a state budget. If that doesn't happen by July 1, a state government shutdown would occur.

Legislators met on the floors of the House and Senate all weekend and are expected to continue meeting all day today. Follow League staff and #LMCleg on Twitter to see updates on city issues being affected by legislative activity.

Use this time to advocate
With long floor sessions today, this can be a great time to email your legislators directly to contact them about issues that are important to your city.

Important city measures
Cities can encourage legislators and the governor to agree to pass the following revised bills with these measures:

  • Transportation bill that includes comprehensive, multimodal, and sustainable funding, including dedicated funding for the existing Small Cities Assistance Account and a new large cities assistance account.
  • Tax bill that includes the construction sales tax exemption, a permanent local government aid funding increase of at least the governor's proposed $20 million, and workforce housing tools.
  • Jobs bill that includes grant funding for statewide broadband and workforce housing, in addition to other economic development tools.
  • Judiciary and public safety bill that includes training for peace officers in crisis response, conflict management, and cultural diversity.

Stay tuned for the League's 2017 Law Summaries, which will be published in June, to get details on all the new laws affecting cities and bills that did not become law.

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