Bill Introduced to Limit Length of Employment Suspension

The bill would limit to 90 days the length of time an employee in a management position can be placed on leave.
(Published May 13, 2019)

A bill introduced last week would limit the length of time a management employee of a political subdivision can be placed on leave.

HF 2870 (Rep. John Huot, DFL-Rosemount) was proposed after a KARE 11 investigative report revealed that millions of dollars have been paid to public-sector employees who were put on administrative leave during investigations of misconduct.

The bill uses the term “employment suspension” and defines it as “placement on leave, paid or unpaid, or a requirement or allowance that an employee not fulfill regular job duties.”

The bill stipulates that a city must not let the leave last longer than 90 days when related to employment misconduct or an investigation into suspected employment misconduct. At the end of the 90-day period, the employee must be reinstated or terminated.

Rep. Huot told League staff that he does not expect the bill to be heard this legislative session. He would like to work with stakeholders in the interim to make sure that a limitation on leave will work for all parties.

The Senate companion bill, SF 2876 (Sen. Gregory Clausen, DFL-Apple Valley), will be introduced on May 13.

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