Get the League’s Updated City Calendar of Important Election Dates

With snow slowly melting in Minnesota, the next thing we may see in our yards is election signs.

The League’s City Calendar of Important Election Dates has been updated for this election cycle and provides city officials a reference to some of the more significant election dates for this year. The calendar is primarily designed for statutory cities, but many items also apply to home rule cities if the charter is silent on election administrative matters.

Some important dates to mark on your calendar now:

  • May 22: First day to file for primary election.
  • July 31: First day to file for general election.
  • Aug. 14: Primary election.
  • Nov. 6: General election.

And speaking of election signs, June 29 is the first day that non-commercial signs of any size and in any number may be posted in the city regardless of the city’s sign regulations. This date represents 46 days before the state primary date in a state general election year. This date applies regardless of whether the municipality conducts the state primary.

—Download the 2018-2019 City Calendar of Important Election Dates (pdf)

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