City of Ely to Participate in Phase II of LMC ‘Community Conversations’

The League launched Phase II of the Community Conversations project in late 2013. As a service to member cities, in this current phase, League staff will go to selected cities around Minnesota to meet with community groups and lead customized conversations about city services and how those services are funded.

The Ely City Council has voted to have League staff travel to their community later this year to host conversation events, and six additional cities around the state have also indicated to the League that they are interested in participating in this project in the coming months.

Other member cities interested in being a part of Phase II should contact Rachel Walker (see information at right) as soon as possible for details. Trained presenters from the League will visit with your local community groups—Rotary Club, neighborhood associations, church groups, senior citizen groups, etc.—and bring information directly to them at the time and place of their regular meetings. There is no application process for this service, and League staff will schedule community visits on a first-come, first-served basis.

As a result of member participation, cities will gain a more informed citizen base, residents will feel empowered to speak up and become engaged about specific issues affecting their communities, and local community groups will strengthen their relationships with both the city government and the residents.

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