Collaboration Services

If your city needs help working together, understanding roles, being transparent, or avoiding conflict, you can call the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust (LMCIT) Collaboration Services.

When should your city call Collaboration Services?

  • If your city is having issues with trust or understanding roles and responsibilities
  • If your city needs some extra help understanding tricky topics like the Open Meeting Law or data practices
  • If your city is interested in having proactive training for working collaboratively or respectfully having difficult conversations
  • If your council has had a lot of turnover and needs onsite, proactive good governance
  • If your city council has had, or is having, conflict with each other or with the public and wants to learn how to work within that conflict or collaborate after conflict
  • If city council meetings are running too long or inefficiently
  • If you are looking for somewhere to turn or need useful resources, including wanting to find a mentor, a referral, written resources, or inquire about mediation

Pam Whitmore, LMCIT Collaboration and Mediation Manager (contact information on this page) and a qualified neutral, provides experienced facilitation services to cities and will work with cities to create custom workshops and presentations to help solve your issues.

Want more information? Check out these additional resources:

Cities interested in learning more about codes of conduct or censure, please contact Pam Whitmore.