2020 Census: Form a Complete Count Committee Today!

Preparations for the 2020 Census are ramping up in Minnesota and around the country. Is your city ready?

An important step your city can take to ensure all your residents are counted is to form a Complete Count Committee. Communities usually form these committees in partnership with other local governments, nonprofits, faith groups, local businesses, and others. For the first time, there is also a statewide CCC to support efforts around Minnesota.

The key roles of a CCC are to educate the public about the importance of the census, raise awareness of important census dates, and identify hard-to-count groups.

—Learn more about forming a CCC from the Minnesota State Demographic Center website

Getting a complete census count is critically important because billions of dollars are distributed using official population counts. State funding, including local government aid, relies on census data as well. In addition, census counts also determine congressional representation.

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