Pace of Activity Quickens With Influx of Bill Introductions

Working on a bill for your city? Time to get it introduced.
(Published Feb 11, 2019)

As the 2019 session enters its second month, the pace of bill introductions has accelerated. For the first month of the 2019 session, the number of bill introductions has eclipsed the pace of the record-setting 2017-2018 biennium.

Why is this important for cities? If you are working with your representative and senator on legislation, now is the time to get the bill introduced to allow time for committee hearings.

As of Feb. 8, House members had introduced 918 bills while senators have introduced 1,017 bills. The chart below reflects the bill introductions for roughly the first month of each odd-numbered session.

Among the House and Senate introductions are numerous bills identifying specific cities, including capital project funding requests, tax increment financing project modifications, local sales and lodging tax requests, and other local initiatives such as project-specific sales tax exemptions. As of Feb. 8, more than 110 Senate bills and 100 House bills identifying individual cities have been introduced.

Keep in mind that the Legislature also sets deadline for committee action on bills (see related article), and legislative committees will be busy over the next several months not only crafting the state’s biennial budget but also hearing, amending, and passing many of these city bills.

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