Serve on OSHA Advisory Panel for New Emergency Response Rule

City officials who set and manage fire and emergency medical services for cities under 50,000 in population are encouraged to participate.
(Published May 21, 2019)

The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will be convening a Small Business Advocacy Review (SBAR) Panel to provide feedback on a draft emergency response standard.

The purpose of this draft standard is to ensure protections for workers who respond to emergencies as part of their regular duties. This draft standard would replace the current fire brigade standard.

OSHA is requesting city officials who manage fire and emergency management services (EMS) departments and budgets to serve as small entity representatives (SERs) to offer input this spring and summer on the costs, impacts, and feasibility of the potential changes. A draft of the proposed standard will be available to the public once the panel is convened.

Each SER will be sent a packet of documents to review, then asked to participate in a small-group teleconference to discuss concerns related to the information provided and how the draft regulation might potentially affect their entity.

If city officials are not interested in serving as a SER, but would still like to submit commentary, they are encouraged to do so.

What the standard is expected to cover

Topics in the potential draft standard to be considered by the SBAR Panel include:

  • Organization risk management
  • Medical/fitness requirements
  • Training and qualifications
  • Facility and equipment preparedness
  • Vehicle preparedness and operation
  • Pre-incident planning and post-incident analysis
  • Standard operating procedures and incident management
  • Emergency incident operations
  • Skilled support employer requirements

The revisions to the rules will focus primarily on the protection of workers, including:

  • Fire brigades/workplace emergency response teams.
  • Industrial and municipal firefighters.
  • Technical rescuers.
  • Emergency medical service providers.
  • Skilled support workers who provide assistance to the fire department or EMS at emergency incident scenes.

How to express interest

OSHA welcomes participation from all eligible SERs. Those interested in participating should send OSHA the following information:

  • City name
  • Population
  • Type of emergency response activity
  • Number of employees
  • Name of potential small entity representative (most likely yourself)
  • Job title or duties
  • Address (street, city, state, zip code)
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Website address (if applicable)

Note that information does not need to be submitted in any particular format.

Send the above information to:
Joel E. Batchelor Jr.
(202) 693-1873

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