2017 Annual Conference: The Second City Workshop

Thursday—2-5 p.m.

During this half-day workshop, two experienced improvisers from The Second City Works will take you through paired and group activities to demonstrate how improv skills help you to be open to others' ideas, listen to understand, and work together to accomplish a shared goal.

Key skills covered will include:

  • Listening, being open to, and building on each other's ideas
  • Practicing experimentation and how being wrong can be right
  • Best ways to collaborate to accomplish a shared goal
  • Exploring diversity in our communities
  • Ways you can communicate well with your city colleagues and the community

After each exercise, you'll explore what happened, note discoveries and challenges, and discuss how to apply the ideas to your work as a city leader.

Please note: To take part in this free workshop, you will need to pre-register.

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