8:30-9:30 a.m.
Police Property Room Management: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
Property and evidence room management can be complicated, time-consuming, and challenging for police departments. Learn about police liability problems, best practices, and recommended training for property room management, while hearing about real-life examples. Receive additional resources, including a self-inspection checklist.

9:30-9:45 a.m.

9:45-10:45 a.m.
“Same Same but Different”—Emerging Trends for Police
From technology to liability, discover what changing police trends lie ahead, what remains the same, and what tools you will need to manage them. (HR)

10:45-11:30 a.m.
Three Critical Insurance Issues for Police Departments
Get a 10-minute presentation on each of the following topics:

  • Joint Powers: Understand which agreements require additional liability coverage. Learn about new liability language in mutual aid agreements related to police liability claims.
  • PTSD: Learn about the new post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) presumption for public safety workers, and understand how LMCIT’s coverage applies to PTSD claims.
  • Filing Workers’ Compensation Claims: Explore the who, what, when, and why of work comp claims filing, including PTSD claims. (HR)

—Fee: $20 (Includes lunch and materials)


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The 2019 agenda includes morning and afternoon tracks.

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