Make Sure the League Has Your City’s Updated Information

October 4, 2021

Cities can update their own information in their MyLMC accounts anytime.

Did you know your city’s top appointed official can update their city’s profile in the League database? You can add, edit, or remove employees, elected officials, commissions, and contracted employees such as city attorneys, city engineers, and city auditors.

The top appointed officials in all LMC member cities will soon receive an email asking them to update their elected officials and  city profile by Dec. 3 for the League’s annual database update, but you can make updates at any time. Just follow the steps below.

How to update your info

Log in to your MyLMC account (or create a new account) and then:

  • Review your city profile and everyone listed. To find the city profile, look in the top right corner and you will see “Welcome” with your name; click on the drop-down menu and choose city profile.
  • Edit or add information as needed:
    • Edit: change something in a person’s profile (e.g., email address, title) or change information for the city overall (e.g., city hall hours).
    • Add: Enter a new person that doesn’t have a profile already with the city. Be sure to include an email addresses for all new contacts.
    • Note: No longer with the city should be used only when an employee or contracted employee is no longer associated with the city.


For more information, contact the League at (651) 281-1200, (800) 925-1122, or

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