U.S. Treasury Scales Back Help Center Assistance for SLFRF Recipients

October 28, 2022

Grantees can access FAQs and other self-help resources on Treasury’s website.

The U.S. Department of Treasury announced that due to a funding shortfall, it has dramatically scaled back its email and phone help center assistance for recipients of an award from the State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (SLFRF) program, a part of the American Rescue Plan.

As of Oct. 17, the Department of Treasury’s contact center will no longer respond to phone calls and email response times are expected to be significantly delayed.

How to get your SLFRF questions answered

The Department of Treasury sent an email on Oct. 14 to designated SLFRF award recipients with a link to the SLFRF program website, which includes self-service resources and answers to frequently asked questions on the following topics:

Legislative fix may address funding shortfall

The National League of Cities (NLC) recognizes the potential strain on cities from ending the SLFRF email and phone help center assistance and is working to elevate the issue with Congress in the hope of achieving a legislative fix as soon as possible.

Read more about NLC’s efforts to help achieve a legislative fix