Police and Fire State Aid Forms Due March 15

February 22, 2021

Cities need to submit their forms by the deadline to avoid penalties or loss of funding.

The deadline to submit required forms to the Minnesota Department of Revenue to receive police and fire state aid is March 15. Approximately 45% of eligible police departments and 30% of eligible fire departments have not yet filed the information.

Police and fire state aid helps subsidize police officer and firefighter pension costs for local governments and fire relief associations. The premium tax paid to the state on auto insurance policies and fire-related insurance policies provides the basis for funding police and fire state aid. Aid amounts are determined in late September and paid by Oct. 1 each year.

How to submit forms

Online submission is required for Form PA-1, Certification of Peace Officers. See Form PA-1 Instructions to determine who is authorized to certify the form.

Form FA-1, Fire Equipment Certification, should be submitted by email or regular mail, along with the Certification of Service Areas Protected form. The signature of the city clerk or secretary of the nonprofit firefighting corporation is required. The fire chief’s signature is also required.

These forms were sent by mail to the city clerk or secretary of the nonprofit firefighting corporation in early January. The forms include the email address and mailing address where the forms should be submitted by March 15.

Penalties for late submissions

Local government agencies that do not submit the forms by the deadline will forfeit 5% of this year’s state aid for each week, or fraction of a week, that the form is late.

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