Sign Up for the League’s Development Finance Task Force

July 6, 2020

City staff and elected officials are encouraged to participate in this task force and the League’s legislative policy development process.

The League is seeking city staff and elected officials to share their expertise and experiences with the League’s legislative policies pertaining to development finance by participating in the Development Finance Task Force.

This task force will provide guidance and recommendations to the Improving Local Economies Policy Committee on policies related to tax increment financing, property tax abatement authority, other business development programs, land recycling and redevelopment, development authority levy limits, Opportunity Zones, the Office of the State Auditor’s audit function, and time limitations.

Who can be on this task force?

Current elected officials and city staff are eligible to participate. This includes city councilmembers, mayors, city managers, city administrators, assistant city administrators, city clerks, community development directors, policy staff, city attorneys, and others. It is preferable but not required for task force members to have experience with housing.

Not all task force members are also members of LMC policy committees. Space may be limited and spots on the task force will to the extent practicable be distributed evenly between members from the metro area and Greater Minnesota.

What benefits are there to serving on this task force?

It is a great way to become involved with the League, network, and learn about different ways of doing things. Members are sometimes consulted during the legislative session for their expertise on an issue.

When and where are the meetings?

The Development Finance task force will meet in either July and/or August. The task force may also meet other times of the year when an issue may warrant more guidance and technical expertise. This year, the meetings will be held entirely remotely via Zoom and will be approximately two hours long.

How do I join this task force?

Contact LMC staff member Ted Bengtson at or (651) 281-1242. Please provide your role with the city and experience with development finance issues.

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