Legislative Committees Continue Gathering Feedback on Redistricting Process

October 4, 2021

The League has provided written testimony to the House Redistricting Committee.

Over the past two months, both the House and Senate Redistricting committees have held hearings to receive public testimony on the redistricting process.

The House held virtual meetings for each congressional district, hosting eight hearings throughout August and September. The Senate Redistricting Committee has held two meetings to date, one in Bemidji on Aug. 9 and one in Lakeville on Sept. 30, with plans to meet again in October in St. Paul.

Those who testified include residents, county and city officials, special interest groups, and more.

City responsibilities

City governments must reestablish all precincts and polling places after state redistricting, and cities with wards must redistrict ward boundaries to reflect 2020 Census population data.

Learn more about city responsibilities, ward requirements, precincts and polling places on the Office of the Secretary of State website

League testimony

The League of Minnesota Cities has submitted a letter to the House Redistricting Committee as written testimony with two primary considerations:

  • First, the League asked the committee to honor the redistricting principal in Minnesota Statutes, section 2.91, subdivision 2, which states: “political subdivisions not be divided more than necessary to meet constitutional requirements.”
  • Second, the League shared the importance of the Legislature completing congressional and legislative redistricting by its intended deadline to ensure that cities can meet their requirements by the deadline of March 29, 2022, established by statute.

View the full letter submitted to the House Redistricting Committee

Upcoming meetings

The Senate Redistricting Committee will reconvene on Friday, Oct. 15, 2021, at 10 a.m. at the Minnesota Senate Building in Room 1200. The agenda is to be announced.

View recordings of previous House Redistricting Committee meetings

View recordings of previous Senate Redistricting Committee meetings

Timeline for redistricting

The following deadlines have been established for redistricting:

  • Deadline for enactment of new congressional and legislative districts: Feb. 15, 2022.
  • Deadline for reestablishment or redistricting of municipal precincts and wards, where applicable: March 26, 2022 (or within 60 days following completion of legislative districts).
  • Deadline for designating polling places for each precinct: March 26, 2022 (or within 30 days following the establishment of precincts).
  • Date of the State Primary election utilizing the newly drawn districts: Aug. 9, 2022.

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