Please Take City Survey on Engaging Residents in Property Tax Process

February 22, 2021

The League will use the survey results to make changes to HF 496, a bill that would add new requirements to the annual property tax process.

How does your city engage residents in your annual budget and tax levy process? The League needs this information to help shape a bill that proposes changes to this process.

Cities raise concerns

The bill, HF 496, is authored by Rep. Paul Marquart (DFL-Dilworth). After reporting on this bill on Feb. 8, the League received many responses from cities raising concerns about the proposed citizen advisory committee, process changes, information specified to be distributed to the public, and challenges with the single tax hearing date.

The League shared these concerns with the House Property Tax Division during its initial hearing on the bill.

Learn more about the bill

Bill author open to changes

In a meeting last week, Rep. Marquart told the League, MetroCities, and the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities that he is open to changing the details of HF 496. He asked for ideas and best practices that cities use to involve citizens in the local budget-setting process.

The League has created a short, five-question survey asking cities about the ways they solicit input and disseminate information about their annual budget and tax levy. Please take this survey by March 5 to help shape changes to HF 496. (We ask that only one person from each city take the survey.)

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