League Building Renovation Complete

February 16, 2021

Members can expect more flexible, functional spaces in the same familiar building.

The League’s building renovation was completed at the end of 2020, within project timeline and budget allowances. Final touches have been made and the project has moved into user testing by a small group of staff.

This project, which was approved by League governing boards in 2019, is the first major remodel of the building since its opening in 1996. The work was rescoped in the spring of 2020 following onset of the pandemic to focus on just the first and second floors.

These two floors have been redesigned to offer more spaces for members to use as extensions of their own city halls and to better meet staff needs.

No unforeseen issues with the building’s foundation or infrastructure were identified in the course of construction, helping the project to stay on schedule. In addition, the League’s trade partners made a strong commitment to COVID-19 safety precautions, and were able to safely complete the work without a single COVID-19 shutdown or personnel delay.

The project was paid for in cash without any debt or impact on member dues, the result of careful planning by the League’s governing boards.

Project highlights

What can members expect from the renovated facilities? A few project highlights include flexible meeting room spaces, a more welcoming reception area, and important accessibility and safety feature updates.

In addition:

  • The building’s elevator lifts and cabs were due to be replaced and were able to be incorporated into this project.
  • Two new wellness rooms are part of the design and will be available for nursing parents and others to use as needed.
  • A heavy investment was made in meeting room technology. This will help League staff and visitors better connect with members who are unable to be on-site.

Looking ahead

We look forward to inviting city officials back to the building when the pandemic has lifted or, in a limited fashion, as legislative activity requires. In the meantime, only a small crew of League staff are on-site.

Now that the renovation is complete, work on some other building maintenance projects, including replacement of the original windows, is underway.

A second phase of the project addressing the third and fourth floors is on pause until a better picture develops of how the pandemic will affect League staff work habits in the long term.

More information

Previous updates and more background information are available at www.lmc.org/LMCbr. For more information, contact LMC Deputy Director Luke Fischer at lfischer@lmc.org or (651) 281-1279.

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