League Seeks Information on City 911 Telecommunicators/Dispatchers

September 7, 2021

Data is needed for the working group studying the impact of moving 911 dispatchers to the PERA Correctional Plan.

During the 2021 legislative session, the Legislature established a working group to study the issue of including 911 dispatchers in the Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA) Corrections Plan. The League is represented on the working group by staff members Anne Finn, assistant director of intergovernmental relations, and Laura Kushner, director of human resources.

The working group is currently gathering data about the number of positions that might fall under the definition of 911 dispatchers to better understand the impact of including them in the PERA Corrections Plan.

Provide information about your city’s dispatch staff

To assist with this work, the League is asking member city officials to provide information on their current dispatch staff. Surveys will soon be sent to cities that are known to, or are likely to, have dispatch staff.

If your city has dispatch staff — or staff who perform dispatch duties part-time — please contact Laura Kushner or Anne Finn so we can include your staff in the count. We are particularly interested in hearing from cities with employees who perform dispatch work on a part-time basis in order to help formulate a definition of which positions might be covered.

How the information will be used

The current LMC city legislative policies support the current definition of covered employees for the PERA Corrections Plan, which does not include dispatchers due to the substantial differences between the dispatchers and the existing corrections positions covered by this plan. Gathering information on current city dispatch staff will help League staff articulate these differences.

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