Guide Available to Help Cities Access Federal Infrastructure Funding

May 24, 2022

More than $700 million in dedicated infrastructure funding is available.

The White House has released a Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Technical Assistance Guide to help cities and other governments navigate, access, and deploy infrastructure resources. Under the law, more than $700 million in dedicated funding is available.

View the technical assistance guide (pdf)

Help navigating programs and resources

Over 90% of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s funding will be deployed by non-federal partners. The technical assistance guide provides information to help communities navigate programs and access resources that will allow them do infrastructure projects.

While some of these programs offer hands-on and intensive planning and delivery support for communities, others provide more self-directed resources, such as webinars and websites, or funding that can support project planning.

Organization of the guide

The guide provides a list of over 65 technical assistance resources and programs across the federal government that help communities deliver infrastructure projects.

It is organized by type of infrastructure investment, such as transportation, clean energy and power, etc. The guide also highlights a number of “place-based” initiatives focused on specific communities and geographies, as well as generally applicable technical assistance resources.

For each program, the guide includes a description of the program, eligible participants, and information on how to get in touch.

Other guides available

This is the third guide the White House has released to help organizations access resources available under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. The other guides are:

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