New DLI Municipal Reporting Form for 2020 Due June 30

March 29, 2021

All cities that administer the State Building Code must complete this revised form.

The Department of Labor and Industry worked last year with stakeholders — including the League — to modify the Municipal Construction and Development Fee and Expense Report. There are new requirements cities should be aware of.

All cities must complete the form

By June 30 each year, every municipality that administers the State Building Code must complete this form, regardless of how much they collected in fees.

Formerly, if municipalities didn’t collect more than $5,000 in a given reporting year, they did not need to complete the form. Starting with reporting for 2020, even these cities must complete the form.

What’s new

For cities that collect $5,000 or less in construction and development-related fees, they only need to check the box indicating this fact, and complete the information for development-related fee revenue and expenses (administrative, engineering, planning and zoning, and other).

For cities that collect more than $5,000, they must now provide more information when reporting building permit fee expenses. There are now separate categories for: employee salaries and benefits, travel — vehicles, office space, supplies and equipment, and administrative overhead.

The instructions for all the reporting categories have also been revised to provide greater clarity.

Previous form and instructions unclear

The League had previously heard from cities that this form’s instructions are unclear regarding how to report city expenses in each category. For example, should building permit expenses or administrative expenses be reported in the development category? Based on the feedback the League received from cities, changes were made for the 2020 reporting form.

Recorded webinar

The League, along with the Department of Labor and Industry, is offered a free webinar on April 28 to help cities understand these changes. View the recording of this webinar.

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