League of Minnesota Cities Speaks Out Against Proposed Legislation Around Building Regulations, Zoning, and Fees

March 3, 2020

SAINT PAUL, Minn. – Following is a statement from League of Minnesota Cities Executive Director Dave Unmacht in response to a press conference held by three Senate Republicans today regarding a series of proposed legislation around building regulations, including bills S.F. No. 3793, S.F. No. 3794, S.F. No. 3795, S.F. No. 3796, and S.F. No. 3816 :

“This legislation is backed by the Builders Association of the Twin Cities, now known as Housing First Minnesota, to increase builders’ profit margins when the largest costs of building a home – land, labor, and materials – are at an all-time high.

“This legislation would not make newly built homes in Minnesota more affordable. Instead, it would greatly threaten local control, keeping cities from being able to enact unique solutions to housing issues in their individual communities. And it most certainly would increase builders’ profits at the expense of taxpayers. Nowhere in this legislation does it dictate that any perceived savings must be passed on to the home buyer, which means builders would make more money, and property owners, businesses, and taxpayers would be left footing the bill for the costs associated with inspecting new builds and ensuring they’re built right and up to code.

“Instead of passing harmful legislation that burdens taxpayers, we urge legislators to partner with those of us on the front lines of the housing crisis to come up with real solutions for the people of Minnesota.”