Reminder: Submit Your Monthly Coronavirus Relief Fund Expenditure Reports

October 12, 2020

Cities are required to submit reports on how they spend their Coronavirus Relief Funds on the seventh business day of each month.

Cities that have received Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) money from the state must submit an expenditure report every month to Minnesota Management and Budget’s COVID-19 Response Accountability Office. The September report was due Oct. 9, and cities should submit it as soon as possible if they haven’t already.

The CRF funds were provided as part of the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. CRF local government expenditure reports are due on the seventh business day of each month until the final report is submitted.

Cities are required to submit reports even if they have not yet made decisions on how they will allocate their CRF funds. Reports are also cumulative, meaning, the report should include the data that was submitted in prior months as well as the allocations made in September, if applicable.

Access the Monthly Expenditure Report for Local Governments (green button)

State report forthcoming

As the state has collected the monthly reports from local governments, it has aggregated the data to produce a report that will likely be available by the end of October to show how cities, towns, and counties are using the funds. Local governments that are delinquent on report filings will also be listed in the state’s report, which will be shared publicly.

LMC webinars

The League has hosted webinars with the COVID-19 Response Accountability Office, to discuss the monthly expenditure report form and answer questions about the reporting requirements. The League will also host another webinar on CARES Act reporting on Oct. 27.

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