First City Reports on Coronavirus Relief Fund Expenditures Due Aug. 11

August 3, 2020

Cities that received money from the federal Coronavirus Relief Fund must submit a monthly expenditure report to the state.

Cities that have received Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) money from the state must submit an expenditure report every month to Minnesota Management and Budget’s COVID-19 Response Accountability Office. For cities that received their funds from the state before July 20, the first report must be filed by Aug. 11.

The CRF was created by the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. Cities that received this funding after July 20 must submit their first report in September. Reports are due on the seventh business day of each month until the final report is submitted.

—Access the Monthly Expenditure Report for Local Governments

The League hosted a webinar on July 29 with Amy E. Jorgenson, director of the COVID-19 Response Accountability Office, to discuss the monthly expenditure report form and answer questions about the reporting requirements.

—View a recording of the CARES Act Funding: Reporting Requirements webinar

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