Construction Underway as Building Renovation Project Progresses

August 31, 2020

Construction is underway and progressing smoothly.

Work to reimagine member space and address safety improvements on the first and second floors of the League building is advancing. Walls are framed in on the first floor and drywall is going up. Painters are starting on the second floor. All rough-ins for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing are complete.

Both the architect, BWBR, and construction manager, RJM, have experience working in the League’s building, which has contributed to the project’s smooth progression.

The building has been closed to visitors since March 1 due to the pandemic, and most League staff are working remotely. This provides an ideal window of time to undergo construction with a minimum of disruption to League operations.

Planning for the building renovation began in 2015. At the beginning of 2020, plans were finalized, and the League was preparing to bid a whole-building renovation. After COVID-19 arrived in Minnesota, the building renovation was divided into two phases. The first and second floors are being advanced now as Phase One because they encompass much of the building’s meeting spaces and access points. Plans for renovation of the third and fourth floors will be re-evaluated and advanced at a later date.

The project in its entirety has been budgeted for by the League’s Building Company Board, and no debt will be incurred. Construction is expected to be complete in early November.

Project highlights taking shape

One of the project’s goals is to create more flexible meeting spaces for members. To that end, the new Lake Superior Room is taking shape on the first floor – this room will be able to accommodate more training and event needs within the building once the pandemic is over.

Design of a new “work café” on the second floor opens up the building to more natural light and will provide a more inviting environment for visiting city officials and staff. Opening of the work café will also include an upgrade to the complimentary coffee available – a frequent request from members!

A replacement of the elevators, which are original to the building, will begin in September. The elevator replacement is considered separate from the renovation but was included in the work plan for efficiency.

Following completion, the building’s reopening will be dependent on the status of the pandemic. Until that time, League staff are available to help city officials connect with resources and state officials remotely.

More information

Project updates and more background will be posted on the League’s website at and included in the Cities Bulletin regularly.

For more information, contact LMC Deputy Director Luke Fischer at or (651) 281-1279.