Submit Comments by Nov. 5 on the League’s 2022 Draft Legislative Policies

October 4, 2021

City staff and elected officials are encouraged to review and submit comments on the League’s 2022 Draft City Policies.

The League is seeking member input on its 2022 Draft City Policies. The policy recommendations are a product of the League’s policy committee process and guide the League’s legislative lobbying efforts. Members are encouraged to review the recommended changes and submit comments by Nov. 5.

View the League’s 2022 Draft City Policies (pdf)

Over 130 officials from around the state of Minnesota met this summer during the League’s policy-development process to discuss issues facing their cities. These discussions shaped the League’s 2022 policy recommendations, which include new policies, deletions, and changes to existing policies.

See highlights of the League’s new policy recommendations (pdf)

Final adoption

After Nov. 5, member comments will be shared with the League’s Board of Directors. The Board will consider member comments and vote on final adoption of the LMC 2022 City Policies on Nov. 18. The approved policies will then be published on the League’s website.

Participate in LMC Policy Committees

Interested in shaping the League’s policies? Join us next year for our 2022 policy committees!

This year, more than 130 city officials from all around the state participated in the four committees that set the legislative policies for the League’s lobbying efforts. If you are interested in participating in 2022, please contact Ted Bengtson at or (651) 281-1242.

Learn more about the League’s policy committees

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