City Financial Reports: Call State Auditor’s Office If You Can’t Meet Deadlines

March 23, 2020

The state auditor has offered to work with cities facing reporting challenges due to the pandemic.

Note: There is updated information on this topic. Read the latest article.

The League has contacted the Office of the State Auditor (OSA) to ask what cities should do if they have trouble meeting financial reporting deadlines because of disruptions caused by COVID-19. The OSA says it will work with cities to resolve any issues with filing reports.

Cities have many reporting requirements over the next several months, and disruptions in the work of city staff and contractors, including auditors, could place cities at risk of missing important reporting deadlines.

Upcoming deadlines

Some of the more common reporting requirements that are due over the next several months include:

How to contact the OSA

The OSA encourages cities to contact them as soon as possible if they are experiencing a problem that will affect their financial report filing. They will work with the city and the city’s auditor to resolve issues. Contact the OSA at (651) 297-3682.