House Panel Approves Bill to Change City Charter Commission Appointment Process

March 9, 2020

The bill would extend the timeline for judicial appointments to 60 days.

The House Local Government Subcommittee considered and approved a bill, HF 3483 (Rep. Duane Sauke, DFL-Rochester) that would extend the time a district court chief judge would have to appoint a person to fill a vacancy on a city charter commission. The time frame would increase from 30 days to 60 days.

The bill would also delete language that currently allows a city council to make an appointment if the district court judge fails to fill a vacancy within 30 days.

Testifying in support of the bill were two members of the Rochester Charter Commission, Kathleen Meyerle and Leigh Johnson.

The League has no legislative policy addressing this proposal. League staff received no comments based on an earlier article about this bill and, therefore, the League remains neutral. If you have additional thoughts or observations on the bill, please contact LMC staff member Gary Carlson, LMC, at and he will forward them to the House and Senate authors.

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