Certified 2021 Property Tax Levy Report Released

March 1, 2021

The average city levy increase is well below the long-term average.

The Minnesota Department of Revenue has released the final report on certified 2021 property tax levies, including information for cities, counties, school districts, towns, special taxing authorities and the state.

Statewide for all jurisdictions, the final certified levy increase was 2.1%, less than half of the five-year average of 4.5%, and down from the September proposed levy increase of 2.5%.

For cities alone, the final certified levy increase was 4%, down from 4.5% from the amounts proposed last September. The city levy increase compares to the five-year average of 5.6% for the years of 2015 to 2020. A total of 233 cities — which is 27% percent of all cities — either reduced or froze their 2021 levies compared to 2020.

The property tax levy total (and the percent change from 2020) for each type of government entity is:

  • Cities: $2,780 million (+4%)
  • Counties: $3,488 million (+1.3%)
  • Towns: $279 million (+4.1%)
  • Schools: $3,367 million (+1.8%)
  • Special Districts: $413 million (+2%)
  • State: $779 million (0%)
  • Total: $11,106 million (+2.1%)

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