Background Check Efficiency Bill Passes House Committee

February 14, 2022

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The League supports the bill, which would increase the efficiency of obtaining background checks for cities.

A House bill, HF 2945, (Rep. Khaoly Vang Her, DFL-St. Paul), would allow a local government’s law enforcement department to share criminal history information with its hiring officials, rather than having the officials obtain a criminal history check on a candidate from the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA).

Current language in Minnesota Statutes, section 299C.72 can be interpreted to require a local law enforcement department to only provide a “yes” or “no” response back to the requesting hiring official on whether a candidate passes the background check. This bill would increase efficiency by removing the need for cities to use the BCA to obtain a full background check.

Bill amended and passed

The House Judiciary Finance and Civil Law Committee took up HF 2945 on Feb. 8. League staff testified in support of the bill and fielded questions from committee members.

The committee amended the bill to provide specificity about who could receive the background check information. The amendment also added a reference to Minnesota Statutes, section 364.05, which requires that if a hiring or licensing authority denies an individual employment or a license because of a prior conviction, they must notify the individual in writing.

The bill passed out of committee with a vote of 16-1 and was placed on the general register for consideration by the full House.

View a recording of the hearing of HF 2945, beginning at 54:40

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