U.S. Treasury Releases New Portal for ARPA Local Fiscal Relief Fund Reporting

December 20, 2021

The portal will be used by non-entitlement units of local government (generally cities under 50,000 in population) to file required Local Fiscal Relief Fund Project and Expenditure Reports.

The U.S. Department of the Treasury released a revamped portal on Dec. 14 that should be easier for cities to use to file mandatory Project and Expenditure Reports for funds received under the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

The portal is for non-entitlement units of local government (NEUs) — which generally includes cities under 50,000 in population that received ARPA Local Fiscal Relief Funds from Minnesota Management and Budget. After feedback from local government entities, including the League, about the need for a more user-friendly reporting portal, Treasury designed a new portal, along with a user guide to make reporting easier for NEUs.

Start preparing to report now

All NEUs that received Local Fiscal Relief Funds are required to use the Treasury Portal for all Project and Expenditure Reports. While the first reporting deadline for NEUs is April 30, 2022, NEUs can start taking initial steps to prepare for the first report now.

Treasury recommends that NEU recipients access the Treasury Portal and confirm their accounts, designate reporting roles, and submit required agreements and supporting documentation to Treasury to prepare for the first report.

How to access the portal

To access the portal, new users must register at Login.gov. Users that have registered through ID.me (the initial portal Treasury provided for larger cities that received direct Treasury distributions) can continue to access Treasury’s Portal though that method. New users that have not registered through ID.me should register through Login.gov.

More information

To access the Reporting Guidance and learn more about the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds, including the Interim Final Rule that governs the use of this funding, visit Treasury’s Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds website.

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