2023 City Calendar of Important Dates Gets a New Look

December 5, 2022

The League’s popular resource is now easier to use with categories and a checklist.

The League’s City Calendar of Important Dates information memo has been revamped for 2023 and the updated version is now available. The popular resource is used by city officials as a reference to some of the more significant dates in their business year.

Access the 2023 City Calendar of Important Dates information memo (pdf)

Updates make the calendar easier to use

Enhancements include providing information in calendar-year format (January through December) rather than July through June, and replacing direct statutory quotations with easier to understand common language. The following improvements were also made to this resource:

  • Additional references and resource links: More links are included to relevant websites, reporting resources, model documents, and supplemental information for as many items as possible to help you with the “how” of completing a task as well as the “what.”
  • Election tasks/dates: To avoid duplication and potential inconsistency, most election-related dates have been removed and replace by links to the Minnesota Secretary of State’s Election Administration Calendars in numerous places, along with periodic reminders to check those resources for upcoming tasks and deadlines.
    • Election-related deadlines that require action by the city council are included in the calendar.
    • A brief listing of election day and candidate filing period dates is included at the beginning of the calendar.
  • Recommendations and best practices: Sections have been added to the end of each month with tasks that are recommended by the State Auditor’s Office, or that are simply reminders and best practices. These items are not statutorily required but are meant to serve as suggestions and recommendations.
  • Categorization: A column is included with the category of each calendar item, making it easy to scan the resources for only those items relating to the user’s specific job duties.
  • Checklist: A column provides a place to note who is responsible for each item and when it is done, which creates a nice record of tasks completed.

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