Sep-Oct 2020


Cities Brace for Financial Impact of COVID-19

GreenStep Cities Celebrates 10 Years of Improving City Sustainability

Benefit Enrollment Solutions for Your Remote Workforce

At the Legislature: Some Things Remain the Same During Uncertain Times

Small-City Leader Makes Big Difference for All Cities

One Watershed One Plan: A Local Level Perspective


St. Paul to City Hall

How Are You Doing — Really?

Bits & Briefs

A city’s race equity initiative, city fiscal conditions, and more

Two-Way Street

How Has Your City Reduced Salt During Snow Removal?

Focus on Small Cities

Small Cities Step Up for Sustainability

Ideas in Action

City of Northfield Makes Race Equity a Priority

Legal Ease

Letter of the Law

Variances and Nonconformities: Understanding Land Use Terms

From the Bench

MN Supreme Court Upholds City’s Sick and Safe Time Ordinance

Up for Discussion


Can Cities Regulate the Use of Snowmobiles?

Message Matters

Victoria Website Redesign Improves User and Staff Experience