Nov-Dec 2020


League Honors City Leaders

Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Public Safety Officers

Eminent Domain Update: Access and Construction Activities

Consistency Is Key to Community Resiliency


St. Paul to City Hall

Reconnecting and Recharging

Bits & Briefs

Masked Meetups, walk to school day, PTSD Toolkit, Ryan Zipf recognized, and more

Two-Way Street

Has Your City Made Changes to Increase Staff Diversity?

Focus on Small Cities

LeRoy Gets Active With Wheels-to-Go Bike Program

Ideas in Action

Organics Recycling Is a Hit in Columbia Heights

Legal Ease

Letter of the Law

To Release or Not to Release? That Is the Body Camera Question

From the Bench

Court: Landfills Deserve Special Land Use Consideration

Up for Discussion


Can a Husband and Wife Serve on the City Council Together?

Message Matters

‘Brand Book’ Helps Keep Everyone in Edina on the Same Page