Nov-Dec 2018


The Ongoing Quest for Affordable Housing

Financial Planning for Elected Officials

Measure Up! Key Metrics to Keep Your City in Good Financial Shape

Connection Is Essential: Closing the Digital Divide


St. Paul to City Hall

Five Qualities of a Successful City Staff

Bits & Briefs

A new service for members, special election dates, Curling Night in America, and more

Two-Way Street

How Does Your City Conduct Required Safety Training?

Focus on Small Cities

Clean, Clear Water: St. Martin Builds Biological Water Treatment Plant

Ideas in Action

Duluth Celebrates Its Cold Side with Winter Festival

Legal Ease

From the Bench

U.S. Supreme Court Finds Union ‘Fair Share’ Fees Unconstitutional

Letter of the Law

Selling Surplus City Equipment? Make Sure to Follow the Law

Up for Discussion

Message Matters

Good Media Relations—It Makes a Difference!


What Playground Surfaces Enhance Safety and Accessibility?