May-Jun 2018


Creating Welcoming and Inclusive Communities

Taking the Message of Minnesota Cities to Capitol Hill

Mayors Across the State Team Up to Build Connections

Employee Well-Being: It’s More Than Just Kale and Crossfit


St. Paul to City Hall

Making Our Mark on Washington

Bits & Briefs

Housing preservation, online business directory, and more

Two-Way Street

Does Your City Have Summer Hours?

Focus on Small Cities

Turning History Into Housing in Eagle Bend

Ideas in Action

New Hope’s Innovative Project to Improve Water Quality

Legal Ease

From the Bench

Court Upholds City Authority to Enforce Codes in Manufactured Home Park

Letter of the Law

Slow Down: How Cities Change Speed Limits

Up for Discussion

Message Matters

Oregon Referendum Provides Case Study on Plain Language


Can the City Spend Money to Host a ‘National Night Out’ Event?