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The League Thanks Outgoing Board Members

Myron Bailey Mayor, Cottage GroveMyron Bailey Mayor, Cottage Grove

My key takeaways from being on the LMC Board were seeing the strong bond among all Board members from cities both in the metro area and outstate, and the fact that the League staff members are truly here to help every member city through any question or issue they have. This past year was particularly challenging for cities dealing with COVID-19 and navigating racial equity challenges. The League was there to lend a helping hand and provide strong guidance and support. It has been an honor to serve on the Board!


Tim BurkhardtTim Burkhardt City Council Member, Hinckley

I served on the League Board as part of my duties as president of the Minnesota Association of Small Cities. To say that my time on the Board was an education would be an understatement. The complications created by COVID-19 made for an eye-opening experience. LMC’s ability to respond to these unique challenges has been on display and it has demonstrated the commitment, depth of knowledge, professionalism, and flexibility that are nothing short of remarkable. My only regret is that the pandemic afforded me few opportunities to meet and work with the LMC staff and Board members in person.


Jeffrey Lunde Former Mayor, Brooklyn ParkJeffrey Lunde Former Mayor, Brooklyn Park

One of the biggest things I learned from my experience on the League Board was that whether a city is big or small, its leadership is important. The number of zeros in a decision may change between different cities but the diligence, thoughtfulness, and importance of said decisions remain constant between leaders of all sizes of cities. I really appreciated how a big or impactful vote for any leader could be taken in a city with no staff or a city with many staff members.


Josh Malchow City Clerk/Administrator, SlaytonJosh Malchow City Clerk/Administrator, Slayton

My biggest takeaway from serving on the League Board is realizing just how much every single city in the state relies on the League for knowledge and support. I didn’t think I could be more proud of the work the League was doing — then COVID-19 came. The League excelled through these hard times. They always had the timeliest information about rules, regulations, and best practices and, more importantly, they worked to increase member engagement. I am eternally grateful to League members for allowing me to serve on the Board, and I can’t wait to see the direction of the League post-pandemic. Thank you!


Audrey Nelsen Council Member, WillmarAudrey Nelsen Council Member, Willmar

As past president of the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities, it was an honor to serve as their representative on the League Board. The importance of networking and collaboration for our communities is very significant, and it was great to experience. The League does an amazing job with education and training for both staff and elected officials. I have used the resources of the League since I was elected to the Willmar City Council and have worked to encourage others to get involved at the state level. I am thankful for the opportunity to learn from the League and for the opportunity to serve.


Donna Schmitt Former Mayor, Columbia HeightsDonna Schmitt Former Mayor, Columbia Heights

I am forever grateful for the chance to have been a part of the League Board over the past couple of years. It was a privilege to not only represent my city of Columbia Heights but to also be a voice for other cities throughout the state. As a Board, we shared ideas, came up with solutions, and made it through the most unusual year in recent history! Thank you to the League staff and fellow Board members. They made this experience something that I looked forward to!