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The League Thanks Outgoing Board Members


The following members of the League of Minnesota Cities (LMC) Board of Directors completed their Board terms in June. The League thanks them for their service!

Curt Boganey

City Manager
Brooklyn Center

As a Board member, I confirmed my expectation that the League is an elite advocacy, educational, and service organization. The focus on customer needs is paramount, and each staff member seems to be “all in” on their commitment to the mission. I will miss the comradery on the Board and sharing ideas and perspectives with such smart public officials. I have enjoyed meeting officials from across the state. I am most proud that the League works hard to balance the interests of large, small, rural, and urban communities. I am proud that the League is a national leader in so many areas and especially in promoting equity and inclusion. Recent events demonstrate how critically important the continuation of this work is. Thank you to everyone who provided me with the great opportunity to serve.


Mary McComber

Oak Park Heights

As president of the Minnesota Association of Small Cities, I had the honor of serving on the League Board. What a wonderful experience! I have gotten to know many knowledgeable and dedicated city officials who work for the benefit of all Minnesota cities. I previously served on the LMC Board from 2007 to 2010, and I have enjoyed the opportunities that have been given the Board, whether it be through strategic planning, training, or participating in the vision for the future of LMC. Being on the Board has been one of the best experiences of my life, and I have often encouraged others to be involved in the League in some way. Learning from and sharing with others has truly been a rewarding gift.


Mark McNeill

City Administrator
Mendota Heights

As part of my duties as president of Metro Cities, I had the privilege of serving on the LMC Board. I’ve spent the Minnesota portion of my career in three metropolitan-area cities, and my time on the Board gave me the opportunity to meet and work with appointed and elected officials from all over the state. Having been raised in a smaller farming community in Iowa, I can relate to many of the unique challenges that our partners face in Greater Minnesota. In my more than four decades of public service, being a member of the League Board was one of my most enjoyable experiences. I was reminded that the League has terrific people serving us, the member cities.


Justin Miller

City Administrator

During my time on the League Board, I most enjoyed getting to better know the excellent LMC staff and my fellow Board members. The relationships I developed over the past three years will do nothing but help me both personally and professionally. While I have been fortunate to work in several different types of cities, learning about the experiences of cities statewide has been very beneficial to my understanding of what other city officials deal with on a daily basis. Their strategies and approaches to dealing with issues and delivering services to their residents and businesses were enlightening, and I will forever be thankful for having the chance to learn from them.